Years, the real estate giants whether corporations, anchor stores and/or real estate management firms held the keys to maximize the lease potential. CRE Lease Talk® Commercial Real Estate would like to extend that knowledge to the “Mom & Pop” businesses/lease holders.

Former President Obama so eloquently stated that “small business are the heartbeat of the economy”. However, at the same time the New York time states in their TOP 10 REASONS SMALL BUSINESS FAIL is “due to operational inefficiencies – paying too much for rent, labor, and materials. Now more than ever, the real estate giants are at an advantage. Mom & Pop businesses do not have the tenacity or stomach to negotiate terms that are reflective of today’s economy may leave a company uncompetitive. Not to mention dysfunctional management – lack of focus, vision, planning, standards and everything else that goes into good management. Throw fighting partners or unhappy relatives into the mix and you have a disaster. Thirdly, the lack of a succession plan. We’re talking nepotism, power struggles, significant players being replaced by people who are in over their heads — all reasons many family businesses do not make it to the next generation.”

So, CRE Lease Talk® asked – what could we do to help small commercial tenants, landlords and property management companies. CRE Lease Talk® is established and here to help minimize the risks as it relates to the lease and/or lease tenure; a venue where SMALL (Mom & Pop) tenants, landlords and property management companies ask questions, get answers; and find information/services that are beneficial to their survival and growth before, during and after their Lease tenure at no or an affordable cost.

We are talking about saving time and money when it comes to your DAMN (Didn’t Anticipate Management Necessities) Lease.  CRE Lease Talk® is glad to be of service.

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